Fancy Fittings LTd.(PV junction bos、PV cable connector)获得我欧盟CE认证机构颁发证书

  Fancy Fittings LTd.在我欧盟认证机构己成功获得CE证书,使其连接器、接线盒出口欧盟市场及在国内宣传提供了安全保障及信心!

  Fancy Fittings is one of India's leading manufacturers of an array of products for a vast variety of Industries. Our range of products includes injection moulded plastic goods for Luggage, furniture, toy, Electronics, Automotive, white goods, packaging, and various other applications. Products like the trolley for the luggage industry and dresses for the Barbie dolls give versatility to our product range. The company has 2 manufacturing facilities located in Daman (near Vapi) and in SEZ in Sachin (near Surat).

  A management determined to achieve the best Quality drives the organisation ensuring every Fancy Fittings product and component meets and exceeds industry standards and customer expectations. The company has a total of 54 Injection moulding machines ranging from 50 Tons to 275 Tons. Majority of these are L&T Demag. High performance high out put machines does give us an edge over the competition.

  Our people along with these machines have the capability of moulding a wide array of plastic materials including HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, High crystalline PP as well as engineering plastics such as PA, Glass Filled PA, PC, Glass Filled PC, POM, ABS, SAN, Noryl, PMMA, PBT, Glass Filled PBT. Our Daman Manufacturing facility has its own tool room fully equipped to take care of regular mould maintenance, repairs and development of new moulds. The Sewri tool-room has a well-equipped facility for manufacturing precision tools. Our post-moulding facilities include a vast and strong setup. We along with the conventional printing and welding machines can boast of the full setup of PVC bag making facility. These bags go to the TESCO and a range of local customers. The tailoring section has been set up to stitch the state of art dresses for the BARBIE Dolls. For making the luggage trolleys we have an in-house powder coating facility. Fancy Fittings' pioneering designs, perfect product quality, customer friendly & enthusiastic approach, Coupled with extremely competitive pricing make it a attractive source for any products. Ensuring a fast and stupendous growth in such a short instance has taken a lot of hard work and efforts from each and every one of us.


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